I went into the city yesterday with my DSLR and got some decent pics. I went to send some around and I can't tell if the DSLR's pics look ugly compressed or if the contrast between the qualities shows how good the DSLR is (Because my iPhone pics don't look much different under the same compression). » 3/05/15 6:17pm Yesterday 6:17pm

So that adapter I was talking about. While I'm editing on my main computer, I use my MacBook Air for simpler tasks like messaging apps and browsing the Internet etc., so that the whole of my main computer can focus on editing/rendering and whatnot. Both for some entertainment during breaks but mainly so that I can get… » 3/03/15 8:44am Tuesday 8:44am

Last week I managed to get some stuff resolved, I've mentioned being harassed and my friends finally got them to split up and screw off. For a while they've been attempting to push me out of the social group, but we finally managed to turn it around and they left in the end, one by one. » 3/02/15 9:30am Monday 9:30am